Corporate Social Responsibility


Sustainable and responsible business activity is an integral part of our company strategy. MULTIVAC's Management Board is responsible for defining and achieving our strategic objectives. Our managers are responsible for implementing the initiatives and measures derived from the objectives. They ensure that the strategic and relevant sustainability objectives are implemented across all departments in their daily activity. There are periodic checks with internal Management reports to assess whether the objectives are being achieved. Achieving the objectives forms part of a performance-related remuneration structure.

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Code of Conduct:
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Guido Spix, Director and CTO

"The subject of sustainability is a crucial aspect in our innovation management. Our objective, both now and in the future, is to develop sustainable packaging solutions that save resources. As the market leader worldwide in thermoforming packaging machines, we bear a particular responsibility. We want to be a role model and to generate new impetus in the market - such as for example with our MULTIVAC e-concept™, which significantly reduces the energy, water and film consumption when producing thermoformed packs.”

Christian Traumann, Director and CFO

"Sustainable business activity, solid growth and long-term thinking are the corner - stones of our success. Our business activity constantly moves in the area between the poles of tradition and innovation, present and future. Even today we are developing strategies to meet the requirements of tomorrow. This means that for decades we have been a reliable partner for our stakeholders. With a company Management Board that acts responsibly, we are able to maintain this trust and develop it continuously.”