There can be no limits when it comes to protecting the environment. We have therefore set ourselves the objective of handling all resources in a responsible manner, and we have enshrined this firmly within our Group and throughout the entire added value chain.

Since MULTIVAC Wolfertschwenden is the largest site within our Group, all measures taken here also have great significance for the overall balance of our business activity. It is both an incentive and an obligation at the same time. It is for this reason, that we are constantly optimising our manufacturing processes and investing in the infrastructure of the site. We are also continually expanding our environ-mental management, which is documented in accordance with EN ISO 14001.


We always design and implement our new buildings and facilities to the very latest standards. Existing buildings are successively modernised to new energy standards. We renew our production equipment at short cycle intervals.

We contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through:

  • The increased use of geothermal energy, e. g. heat pumps
  • The increased use of regenerated heat, e. g. connection to a biogas system in the locality
  • The use of efficient technology such as combined heat and power
  • The successive conversion to LED lighting technology
  • Closed loops for raw materials such as aluminium and stainless steel
  • We only pass other recyclable materials and waste to certified providers of recycling and disposal services

Other production sites

MULTIVAC Wolfertschwenden is the largest of the Group's sites and also the main production site. Other manufacturing sites are located in Enger (labelling, marking and inspection solutions), Lechaschau (manufacture of parts and components) and Barcelona (manufacture of modules). In order to ensure that the high standards, which have been achieved through in-house manufacturing, and the high levels of efficiency (energy, materials) are maintained at all production sites, we have created within the Group our own organisation, which actively supports the various sites in optimising their processes and manufacturing technology, as well as supervising all investment projects. In addition to this, all the sites are supervised by the MULTIVAC Quality Working Group (MQWG) and its staff, who are responsible for Quality Management (QM), Quality Assurance (QA), Product Compliance Management (PCM) and Health & Safety Environment Compliance (HSEC).