Added value chain

MULTIVAC Wolfertschwenden is the largest of the Group's sites and also the main production site. Located here are the central departments of Controlling & Finance, Corporate IT, Corporate Marketing, Corporate Services, Human Resources, Logistics, Production, R & D, Technical Services and the Training & Innovation Center.

Other manufacturing sites are located in Enger (labelling, marking and inspection solutions), Lechaschau (manufacture of parts and components) and Barcelona (manufacture of modules). Thanks to this production site structure, we can ensure that a high degree of added value is created in our own company, and that this is in harmony with the company strategy.

Thanks to our proximity to our suppliers, we have an influence on the availability, characteristics, quality and sustainability of the products. Some 50 % of our suppliers are from Bavaria and located in the region. This means that we are strengthening the regional economy, reducing traffic pollution and minimising the risk of infringing human rights.

We assess our 150 most important suppliers annually as part of our Supplier Management policy. We take into account criteria such as product or service quality, delivery reliability, price movements and certification of the company as regards quality and environmental standards. We also carry out up to 10 separate supplier audits per year.


Our aim in all our business activity is to meet not just the legal requirements but also our own standards. These often exceed the legal requirements.

Audit of our own processes and supply chain to internal standards

  • Compliance Directive
  • Purchasing Directive
  • Supplier Directive
  • Data Protection Directive
  • Management policy

We have also implemented a comprehensive structure for internal quality management under the MULTIVAC Quality Working Group, which is responsible for Quality Management (QM), Quality Assurance (QA), Product Compliance Management (PCM) and Health & Safety Environment Compliance (HSEC), and which works proactively with the market supervisory bodies.

ISO-9001 Certificate:
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