With our packaging solutions we always have the complete material cycle in mind. This applies to the manufacture of our machines as well as to the ongoing development of our packaging technology. The long lifespan of our machines and our retrofit program contribute to ensuring that raw materials and energy resources are saved. We are constantly developing our packaging solutions still further, in order to minimise the consumption of film, water and energy during the packaging procedure. And last but not least, good packaging in itself serves sustainability, since it protects and preserves the packaged product securely over long distances and during extended storage periods.

Another important aspect is the lifespan of a packaging machine. The overall ecological balance is heavily influenced by the consumption of resources in the manufacture and operation of a packaging machine over its potential lifespan. In the case of food production in particular, the availability of the packaging solution also plays a crucial role, since any interruption in the packaging procedure can often cause delicate products to be rejected as waste.


Development and design

Innovation is our future. Innovation management is organised through the MULTIVAC Development Process (MDP) across all business units. The aspects of sustainability are incorporated into the MEP as evaluation criteria for innovation projects. The result is over 100 R & D projects for developing new solutions or optimising existing technology. Year on year. MULTIVAC works closely with leading universities, particularly in the area of pure research.



MULTIVAC is characterised by a high level of vertical in-house manufacturing, which makes a major contribution to the quality of our packaging solutions. This means that we have comprehensive control over the economic, ecological and social criteria of our machine manufacturing. We have well educated and experienced staff – and every year we invest large sums in our modern production equipment. This enables us to produce efficiently in terms of energy and materials. Closed raw material loops mean that we can for example return aluminium and stainless steel waste directly back to the manufacturer. We only pass other recyclable materials and waste to certified providers of recycling and disposal services.


Use by the user

In conjunction with our customers, we develop individual packaging solutions, which are perfectly tailored to their requirements. These solutions are not only ideally designed for the needs of today, but also for the tasks of the future. They are so flexible in their design, that they can be adapted to meet future requirements. This means that we achieve significantly greater efficiency and sustainability when compared to "off the shelf" packaging solutions. A particular feature of our development work in recent years has been in the areas of energy-efficient servo drives, die changing systems and sensors. These innovations are incorporated into all our product lines and are even available for entry-level models.


Second-hand machines/Recycling/Disposal

We also make a valuable contribution to sustainability in this area as well. We buy back second-hand machines at a fair market price. We also support our customers in recycling their packaging solutions.