Research & Development

Constant improvement is the precondition for long-term success. In order to provide the best possible support for our customers in the future, we bring together the results of basic research, development projectsand daily use. This knowledge flows into the development of new products as well as into the development of customised special solutions. More than 100 active patents are the result of our tireless development work.

Technical application center

In our application centre in Wolfertschwenden, our team of experts carries out extensive testing on packaging materials and technologies and end products in order to develop innovative packaging solutions for diverse application areas such as foodstuffs, medical products, and consumer and industrial goods.

In our application centres around the world, we produce several hundred prototypes and trial packs for our customers every year, and in this way develop optimal solutions for their product and market requirements.

Research and development projects

Our industry partners - for example the manufacturers of packaging films, trays and raw materials - use our application centre to perform material tests and develop consumable materials. We also equip the development centers of our strategic partners worldwide with our innovative packaging technology.

For many years we have worked with leading universities and institutes of higher education to support diverse research and development projects in the field of packaging technology. We provide these institutions with our know-how and our latest packaging equipment.

Product development and innovation

We work with our engineers and developers on the continuous improvement of our products and the optimisation and expansion of our comprehensive product portfolio.