Sustainability and responsible business activity are an integral part of our company strategy.


Spheres of activity which contribute to MULTIVAC´s sustainable development. 

Packaging And Processing Solutions For A Sustainable World


Our products

In the development our our machines, we always have the complete material cycle in mind. This applies to their manufacturing as well as to their resource consumption in operation.

And last but not least, good packaging in itself serves sustainability, since it protects and preserves the packaged product securely over long distances and during extended storage periods.



We support our customers in operating their equipment as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, allowing them to produce packs with maximum quality. 

We provide our customers with smart services such as condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and OEE analysis. 

With the MULTIVAC X-line, we offer our customers a new dimension when it comes to packaging reliability, quality, performance, and future-proofing.


Supply chain & procurement

Thanks to our proximity to our suppliers, we have an influence on the availability, quality, and sustainability of the products we buy. 

Over 50 % of our suppliers are based in our region. This means we are strengthening the regional economy, reducing traffic pollution, and minimising the risk of infringing human rights. 

For the evaluation of our suppliers we also take into account sustainable procurement policies.


Our employees

Our employees are our most valuable asset and the most important investment into our future. They are all proud to be part of the MULTIVAC family. Some 6,400 people worldwide work in our Group, all of them with the objective of producing the optimum packaging solution for our customers in the widest range of applications.

Our HR strategy is based on a long-term approach. We offer a comprehensive range of training and further education, and we take into consideration demographic change, diversity, as well as work-life balance.


Sustainable packaging concepts

MULTIVAC supports its customers in the development of packaging concepts, which are characterised by their reduced consumption of energy, water, and packaging materials. 

We also support our customers in the development of sustainable packaging concepts in order to be able to fulfill current packaging legislation.


Research & development

We continuously invest in R&D and have implemented an innovation process. Year on year, we accomplish over 100 R&D projects with the aim of developing new solutions or optimizing existing technology. We work closely with leading universities, institutes as well as industry partners.


Social commitment

MULTIVAC packaging solutions are known throughout the entire world. As a company that operates globally as well as locally, we feel committed to the people of the particular region in which we operate, as well as to our social responsibilities. Since 2010 we have been supporting the SAVE FOOD Initiative of the FAO against worldwide food wastage.



We have been a member of the BLUE COMPETENCE sustainability initiative of the German Association of Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers (VDMA) since 2012. And we are among the founding members of the German Food Partnership (DIAE).

In addition to this, we are actively committed to a wide range of organisations, associations and trade committees at national and international level.

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