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Experience of packaging solutions for sensible products, for small batches and automation



 Pharmaceuticals and sensible products place great demands on their packaging. Therefore, we develop individual packaging solutions for your products and for your specific requirements.

 At Achema our focus lies on sensible products, solutions for small batches and automation. From the packing of individual units, up to fully automated volume production.

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Thermoforming packaging

MULTIVAC presents an innovative solution for the automated infeed and packaging of filled syringes. Furthermore, we offer customized thermoforming packaging solutions in all output categories to suit your production volume.


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Packaging of sensible products

MULTIVAC solutions are available for single products and combination packs. They offer optimum product protection in every respect – ranging from precise vacuum or modified atmosphere with low residual oxygen level in the pack to reliable mechanical protection.


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Packaging of small batches

Our extensive product range comprises packaging solutions for small batches with highest flexibility. It covers thermoforming packaging, packaging in trays and packaging in film pouches.


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Automated loading of products


MULTIVAC offers automated and variable systems based on the use of modular components. Our loading solutions can be combined with thermoforming packaging machines, traysealers, traysealers with tray carriers, as well as end-of-line solutions such as cartoning and palletizing.




Identification and inspection


MULTIVAC print and labelling solutions are capable of being flexibly used for all kind of identification tasks. Our portfolio for inspection solutions covers the whole spectrum from simple testing systems up to complex inspection systems for presence and completeness of prints, labels, products and the entire package. 



Tray carrier concept


The innovative tray carrier concept enables easy feeding and loading, quick format change, secure Line Clearance and reliable packaging processes – from batch size 1 up to highest throughput. Thanks to a full modular construction, all functionalities can be manually executed or can be automized according to the respective customer requirements.

Easy opening solutions for your products

Add functional benefit and differentiation to your products using the breakthrough easy opening technology  from SNAPSIL® and MULTIVAC

Due to the cooperation of SNAPSIL® and MULTIVAC in the design of package and technology, the system ensures packages which fulfill the specific requirements of the product and the consumer as well as maximum efficiency of the packaging process. The innovative solution is suitable for many different pharmaceutical and  medical applications produced on traysealers and thermoforming packaging machines. They, and enhances packaging benefits for the customer and end user. 

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 Benefits and unique features of the innovative „snap-opening“ function

Easier Opening

SNAPSIL‘s “snap-opening” function is intuitive and easy to use making it ideal for multi-tasking health care professionals, incapacitated patients or the elderly.

Tamper Evidence
The SNAPSIL® opening enhances tamper evidence for product security. 

Secure barrier
The „snap-opening“ function is integrated in the lower web of the thermoformed pack as well as in the preformed blister. There is no requirement for any type of scoring or perforation of the film for secure barrier properties

Better product disposal
The packaging components stay attached after opening reducing litter risk. There is the possibility to reinsert the product after use for disposal.  



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Hall 3.1 | Stand C47

11.06.2018 -15.06.2018, Frankfurt

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