A wide range of packaging solutions for hand processors in the meat industry


Wolfertschwenden, 26. January 2016 – At IFFA 2016 MULTIVAC will be presenting (Hall 11.1, C11) various solutions, which are specially targeted at hand processors who pack fresh meat, ham and sausage products of all kinds.

Thermoforming packaging solutions for small processors

With the R 105 MF thermoforming packaging machine, an economical solution will be exhibited for producing MultiFresh™ vacuum skin packs. The entry-level model has the same technical equipment as the large machine models, and it therefore enables even small processors to produce high-quality skin packs.

The compact R 085 e-concept thermoforming packaging machine does not require any cooling water or compressed air connection, and this means that it can be used very flexibly. The machine is suitable for packing both sliced and non-sliced products, and it is able to run rigid films as well as flexible films. The R 085 can be used to produce vacuum packs or inert gas packs, so that users can achieve the extended shelf life they require for the products being packed.

Comprehensive chamber machine portfolio

MULTIVAC offers a comprehensive product range for packing in film pouches. Different models of chamber machines will be presented at  IFFA, among them a new chamber belt machine.

With the BASELINE P 650 model, MULTIVAC will be presenting a new double chamber machine, which is particularly suitable for packing bulky or long food products. It enables high-quality pouch packs in proven MULTIVAC quality to be produced very economically. Compared to models in the C series, the P 650 offers limited equipment options and a simplified machine control.

The C 400 free-standing chamber machine enables the sealing bars to be individually configured as regards their number and arrangement. It can be equipped with various pumps and offers a wide spectrum of equipment options, such as for example an automatic chamber lid mechanism for ergonomic operation.

The C 200 tabletop chamber machine has a particularly spacious chamber with dimensions of 465 x 355 x 150/220 mm. As an option, the C 200 is available with a gas flushing system and either single-seam sealing or double-seam sealing.

In addition to this, MULTIVAC will be exhibiting the new chamber machine model BASELINE P 360, an economical tabletop model with proven quality. Thanks to its two sealing bars and large chamber, this tabletop machine can be used for packing the widest range of products.

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