MULTIVAC with new website


Wolfertschwenden, 01. February 2016 – With immediate effect MULTIVAC is now being presented worldwide on a new uniform website in more than 30 languages. This features user-friendly navigation and an appeal to target groups of users in different sectors. It contains even more examples of applications and pack samples. The user can also see at a glance, which machines can be used to produce these packs.

Using multimedia content as well as 3D views and videos of machines and examples of packs, the new website gives even more comprehensive information than before about the range of products from the packaging specialist. By using a sector filter, which is supported visually with colour codes, users can select in a targeted way the particular content that is relevant to their sector. This means for example, that they can display only those applications and machines for the food sector, or for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, or alternatively for the industrial products sector. A new feature is also the link to the online version of the MULTIVAC customer magazine UPDATE.

Crucial to the new design were primarily the user-friendliness and overview provided by the website. “The Internet is increasingly being used on mobile devices,” explains Dominik Rotter, Manager for Online Marketing and E-Commerce at MULTIVAC. “In order to enable convenient navigation to be performed on a tablet or smartphone as well as on a desktop, we have developed our website in Responsive Design. This means that the content and navigation elements, as well as the structural design of the pages, adapt automatically to the screen resolution and size of the user device.”

MULTIVAC's packaging solutions are shown uniformly in all markets on the new website. This now takes into account the growing importance of the Internet in emerging markets, which up to now only had access to a slimmed-down version of the website, or in some cases no web presence at all. The new website has therefore been switched live in more than 30 languages and more than 70 countries. While the content has been adapted to the local circumstances of the particular countries, the structure and visual appearance of the pages are identical in all countries.


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