Perfect vacuum skin packs


Wolfertschwenden, 15. March 2016 - With MultiFresh™ MULTIVAC offers a packaging system for producing high-quality vacuum skin packs. This comprises not just packaging machines but also special films, which are suitable for packing a wide range of products such as for example fresh meat, sausage, fish and cheese. At IFFA 2016 MULTIVAC (Hall 11.1, Stand C11) will be presenting thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers that are designed for producing MultiFresh™ packs.

The R 105 MF thermoforming packaging machine is an economical solution for producing MultiFresh™ vacuum skin packs. The entry-level model has the same technical equipment as the large machine models, and it therefore enables even hand processors to produce high-quality skin packs.

In addition to this, MULTIVAC will also be presenting a new die concept for producing MultiFresh™ skin packs on traysealers. This is a space-saving, reliable and high-performance solution for skin packing a wide range of products with high product protrusion. The new die will be shown on the T 800 traysealer. This high-output traysealer is suitable for packing large batches and can be operated from both sides, as well as being capable of being integrated into automated packaging lines. Also on view will be the space-saving and flexible T 300 traysealer for producing MultiFresh™ skin packs in small to medium-sized batches. It has energy-efficient drive systems and can be washed down.

Longer shelf life and attractive presentation

For several years now food manufacturers and the retail sector have increasingly been using vacuum skin packs to give high-quality food the longest possible shelf life and to present it attractively. Benefits of this process: the product is not distorted and keeps its natural appearance. The vacuum in the pack contributes to an extended shelf life for the product. Since the upper web is sealed to the entire surface of the lower web or tray, liquid is also prevented from leaching out of the food. The product is also firmly located in the pack, which means that it can be presented at the point of sale either standing up or hanging as well as lying flat.

In cooperation with leading film manufacturers, MULTIVAC has approved a film range of base webs and skin films for producing vacuum skin packs, and this enables high-quality packs to be produced for a wide variety of products and requirements. This process can be used to pack more rigid products such as steaks, sausages and frozen products as well as soft foods like fillets, fish or pâtés.

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