Aid that hits the spot


Wolfertschwenden, 17 June 2016 - Since the beginning of 2016, MULTIVAC has been committed to a new aid project run by the charitable organisation, "Du und ich - Miteinander für Uganda e.V." The money donated will enable a medical station in the Ugandan village of Kyerima to be built and operated on a resilient and long-term basis.

The project is very important for the region. The density of coverage by doctors in Uganda is low, and the medical provision in the countryside is a long way from being adequate. The construction of the healthcare center is of particular help to children, women and elderly people, who can not afford medical treatment. Ten rooms over a total area of around 550 m² are currently taking shape in two building phases, and these include a treatment room, a pharmacy, a birth station with an ultrasound unit, a small operating theatre and two hospital wards to accommodate patients. When the first building phase is completed in autumn/winter 2016, up to 1,000 persons per month will be able to be treated in Kyerima.

After initial support by the charitable organisation, it is intended that the medical station will be operated independently and self-sufficiently by local staff under the management of the Ugandan partner organisation. "Only in this way can the sustainable character of our aid project be guaranteed in the long term. Our objective is very clearly to provide aid for self-help," summarises Monika Mayer, Chairwoman of the organisation. The construction of the medical station arouses high expectations among all those involved. It is intended to provide rapid wound treatment, adequate care for pregnant women and better control of infectious diseases, as well as ensuring that high child mortality rates and inadequate nutrition are alleviated in the region. Monika Mayer also regards access to basic medical treatment, together with the creation of jobs for local people, as important multiplication factors for strengthening local social structures, and also as proof of the fact, "that one can provide huge help even in a microcosm. "As for MULTIVAC, support for the charitable organisation, which is based in neighbouring Bad Grönenbach, goes without saying. "As a company that operates internationally as well as locally, we feel committed to the people of the particular region in which we operate, as well as to our social responsibilities. That is why we wish to commit ourselves to such sustainable projects  – at regional, national and international level," explains Valeska Haux from MULTIVAC.

Aid that hits the spot:
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