Labelling and marking made easy


At FachPack 2016 (Hall 1, Stand 1-221), MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection will be demonstrating the capabilities of its labelling solutions, and how they can be integrated into lines, among these a R 245 thermoforming packaging line and a T 600 L traysealer line. In addition to these, the focus will be on reliable stand-alone solutions, such as the L 310 conveyor belt labeller, and the manufacturer's inspection systems.

Labelling a wide range of products

With its L 310 conveyor belt labeller, MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection offers a high-output and versatile system for labelling a wide range of products and packs, such as for example trays, boxes, tubs and thermoformed packs. The modular construction, combined with a large number of options for product handling, printing and inspection, enables it to be ideally matched, both technically and commercially, to a wide range of products and labelling tasks. The L 310 is equipped with a zero downtime function for uninterrupted labelling at high-output.Also to be featured at the trade fair is a label dispenser for integration into production and filling lines, or packaging lines such as flowrap machines for example. Thanks to its compact design and wide range of mounting systems, the inline labeller can be ideally matched to any production environment. Its large number of communication interfaces such as USB, Ethernet, EtherCAT or CAN make it easy for data to be exchanged and the labeller to be integrated into the overall process. Thanks to a protection class up to IP69 K, this labeller meets even the highest hygiene requirements.

Inline labelling and marking systems

Two cross web labellers in TWIN version for labelling the upper web complement the R 245 thermoforming packaging line, which will be shown at the trade fair. They enable the labelling operation to be performed in parallel without interruption, and they feature a particularly space-saving design. The direct web printers enable important information, such as tamper-proof use-by dates and batch numbers, to be printed directly onto the packaging film. In order that maximum speed can be achieved even with complex print layouts, including the increasingly popular QR codes, the MULTIVAC TTO 10 thermal transfer printers are equipped with a SpeedUp module.From September onwards, MULTIVAC will also have a direct web printer for every model of automatic traysealer in the range. These are specially designed for the particular machine model and therefore always form a perfect unit as regards design and controls. At FachPack the DP 200 direct web printer, which is fitted with a static TTO 10 thermal transfer printer, will be featured on the T 600 L traysealer model to be shown. The BASELINE L 301 labeller, which can be fully integrated into a line, can also be seen in action with the traysealer, and this labeller prints production data onto the labels and applies them very reliably to the top of the packs. Both can be controlled conveniently via the HMI 2.0 control terminal of the packaging machine.

Inspection systems


MULTIVAC will also be showing at FachPack its entire range of inspection systems, including the I 211 checkweigher, the I 310 metal detector and a BASELINE I 100 X-ray inspection system. Visual product and marking inspection will also be presented on an inspection conveyor. A wide range of inspections from above and below can be performed by means of high-resolution camera inspection systems.



Information for your visit

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