Automatically pack and print small or medium-sized batches


With its R 081 thermoforming packaging machine, MULTIVAC offers an entry-level model for automatically packing small or medium-sized batches in the medical sector and pharmaceutical industry. The MR 296 TI direct web printer is available as an equipment option for printing the packs to the legal requirements.


The R 081 is characterised by its process reliability, cleanroom suitability, ease of operation and high level of flexibility. Thanks to its length of approx. 3 metres, it is very compact in its dimensions and therefore also ideal for use in environments with limited space. Its main area of use is packaging sterile medical products in small batch sizes or for test markets.

With a maximum output of 15 cycles per minute, the R 081 is able to run rigid and flexible films as well as Tyvek® and paper-based packaging materials with a total web thickness of up to 400 µm. It can be equipped with evacuation and gas flushing systems and can therefore also be used for producing vacuum packs or packs with modified atmosphere and reduced residual oxygen content.
Servo-driven lifting units provide a high level of closing force and ensure that the sealing pressure is distributed evenly. This means that they guarantee a consistently high level of sealing quality and therefore increase the pack security. Thanks to MULTIVAC's proven slide-in technology for dies, changing the forming and sealing dies is simple, fast and reproducible.

The R 081 is available in different machine widths, and this enables the formats to be laid out flexibly. In the case of cut-off lengths between 100 and 200 mm, a forming depth of max. 60 mm is possible, while a forming depth of up to 80 mm can be produced with cut-off lengths between 210 and 300 mm.

Equipment options

Where the packs need to be printed to the legal requirements, MULTIVAC can offer as an equipment option the MR 296 TI direct web printer, which is suitable for multi-track packaging solutions and consists of a propulsion unit and thermal inkjet printer. The proven HP thermal inkjet technology enables paper and Tyvek® to be printed perfectly in a resolution of 600 dpi. This means that variable production data such as lot number, batch, expiry date or codes can be printed in excellent quality directly onto the upper web of the pack. This equipment option for MULTIVAC's packaging system ensures that the relevant requirements of the UDI (Unique Device Identification) are met, whereby there is product information in clear script and a unique marking along the entire process chain, so that the products are identifiable by means of codes that can be read by machines.

The thermal inkjet printer is very impressive with its minimal setup time, low maintenance and long service intervals. The cartridges can be changed very quickly and easily. The maximum print height per printing head is 12.7 mm, and the modular concept enables the system to be expanded to up to four printing heads within one production line.

Various monitoring systems can also be incorporated in the R 081, as can solutions for discharging the finished packs. This compact machine can of course be equipped with validation and calibration packages.

Automatically pack and print small or medium-sized batches:
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