The new G 700 traysealer from MULTIVAC packs ready meals, snacks, vegetables and fresh-cut products highly efficiently and economically


Wolfertschwenden, 20. February 2017 - With the G 700 model, MULTIVAC is expanding its range with the addition of a high-output traysealer for packing ready meals, snacks, vegetables and fresh-cut products of all types. Thanks to the use of innovative gas flushing technology, even delicate products and those with crumbly constituents or those foods, which are hot filled, can be packed gently and reliably under modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). The G 700 offers a high degree of flexibility when it comes to running different tray formats as well as high output and maximum efficiency.

With its new traysealer, which will be seen for the first time at interpack 2017, MULTIVAC is responding to a significant trend towards more convenience. The demand in particular for ready meals, antipasti, ready-to-eat salad and fruit varieties, as well as small and healthy snacks in all price sectors, continues to grow constantly.

Packaging procedure that is efficient and gentle on products

Depending on the product to be packed, the G 700 can produce tray packs with or without modified atmosphere.

When producing packs with modified atmosphere, the G 700 uses gas purging of the trays. There is no requirement to evacuate them. This means that the packaging procedure is more gentle and can even be used for delicate food products. It is therefore possible to pack crumbly products or those ready-meal components, which are hot filled, in a consistent and reliable way. The G 700 achieves cycle rates of up to 15 cycles per minute with modified atmosphere. When packing without modified atmosphere, up to 18 cycles per minute can be achieved.

High level of flexibility with regard to products and pack design

In addition to plastic trays, the G 700 can also run trays made of aluminium or board, as well as multi-chamber trays and those with a wide variety of shapes, and the tray height can be up to a maximum of 110 mm. The G 700 has a precise and reliable tray transport system, which ensures that the trays are transported very gently. The dies can be changed very simply and quickly.

When it comes to the loading and infeed of the trays, the G 700 can be equipped with MULTIVAC belt systems or drag chain infeed systems, in which appropriate denesters can be integrated.

The MULTIVAC G 700 has been equipped with an intuitive user interface for a high degree of process reliability and a high level of ergonomic operating convenience.

New G 700 traysealer:
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