MULTIVAC's TX 710 traysealer is given the German Packaging Award


Award for MULTIVAC at FachPack in Nuremberg

Wolfertschwenden, 25 September 2019 - This year the German Packaging Award in the packaging machine category goes to    MULTIVAC. The innovative TX 710 traysealer convinced the jury not just because of its outstanding performance, reliability and flexibility, but also in view of its cost-effectiveness and the fact that it is fully equipped for the future.

This year companies from 14 countries with a total of 34 product innovations competed for the German Packaging Award, which is given by the German Packaging Institute (Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut e.V.) and sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. All the entries were subjected to an intensive examination by a top-class jury, which was assembled from impartial representatives of research institutes, industry, commerce and the trade press.

The new TX 710 traysealer from MULTIVAC received the award in the packaging machine category. The features of this space-saving, robust and versatile model of the X-line machine generation are its innovative machine technology, comprehensive sensor system, intelligent control and high degree of process reliability.

An overview of the main features

A crucial factor is the Multi Sensor Control system, one of its many functions being to determine the switching times of the various control circuits and compensate for these where required by triggering early starts. The Flow Manager function, another component of the intelligent machine control, ensures that the time sequences for the entire packaging process, from the infeed to the discharge of the packs, are automatically synchronised with each other, and that the individual motions of the machine are superimposed, so that an extremely even product flow is achieved.

The machine's X-tools are a further guarantee of optimum pack results. The new die generation distributes the sealing force evenly over all the trays, so that the optimum seal seam quality is always achieved. RFID technology is used to assist in a smooth and trouble-free die change, and this ensures that the TX 710 always has a high level of machine availability. The frequent format changes, typical of traysealers, can be carried out in less than five minutes.

Depending on the product, tray shape, and production process, the TX 710 can be equipped with various infeed systems for optimum design of the overall line. This versatility in line design enables a wide range of products to be packed - the spectrum extends from fruit and vegetables through to meat, sausage, fish, poultry and dairy products, and right up to ready meals of all types. Irrespective of the line configuration, the machine's intelligent design ensures that space is used to the maximum, providing the smallest possible footprint with the optimum performance and cost-effectiveness.

Thanks to its highly developed sensor system and servo technology, as well as its intelligent dies and optional connection to the MULTIVAC Cloud, the new TX 710 is perfectly equipped for the challenges of tomorrow. Various MULTIVAC Smart Services are also available, such as predictive maintenance, analysis of overall equipment effectiveness and Machine Event Analyzer, and these contribute significantly to increased machine efficiency and availability.

The German Packaging Award was presented to the winner on 24 September  at FachPack in Nuremberg by the German Packaging Institute in an official ceremony. The traysealer can be seen live on the MULTIVAC exhibition stand (221) in Hall 1.

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