Cost-effective entry-level models for Direct web printing


New series of BASELINE direct web printers from MULTIVAC

Enger, 19 October 2020 – In the second half of 2020 MULTIVAC has launched a new series of BASELINE direct web printers for thermoforming packaging machines in the lower and medium output range. The main features of these cost-effective entry-level models in the BASELINE DP 110/130 series are space-saving design, optimum hygiene characteristics and a high level of flexibility in terms of printing technology.

Direct web printers are used as a means of efficient and reliable printing of films within the packaging machine. In addition to the proven DP 2x0 series, MULTIVAC has now developed two cost-effective entry-level models, the DP 110 and DP 130 direct web printers, where no sacrifices have to be made in terms of optimum hygiene and maximum safety standards. Both models can be installed on all thermoforming packaging machines from the R 0xx to R 5xx series.

The compact and space-saving design leaves the loading area completely free. Since no enclosure is required due to the stepper motor drives used, this means that access to the printer is quick and easy.


Printing technology

There are three different printing technologies available, thermal transfer, inkjet and thermal inkjet, all of which provide a reliable printing process. Users of MULTIVAC TTO (thermal transfer) printers also benefit from cost savings in ink ribbon consumption. These printers can be turned through 90 degrees, so that they can print in both the pack running direction and across the packs. This means that the most advantageous print direction for ink ribbon consumption can always be selected.


Uniform operating concept

All MULTIVAC direct web printers are specially designed for the particular packaging machine, and they therefore form a perfect unit as regards design and controls. The shifting indexers as well as the MULTIVAC printers can be operated directly via the control terminal of the packaging machine. The operating parameters are saved via recipe management and automatically transferred at every batch change. This ensures that there is rapid conversion to other products and pack sizes, which in turn provides a high level of line availability.

If MULTIVAC printers are used, operators also benefit from automatic print layout management via the MULTIVAC HMI control terminal. When the recipe for a particular product is called up, the correct print layout is also loaded automatically. Operating errors can therefore be prevented from the start.


Perfectly coordinated consumable materials

So that the optimum printing results are achieved, MULTIVAC offers a comprehensive range of consumable materials, which is constantly being expanded. All the materials meet the highest quality standards and are perfectly tailored to the particular printing system.

New to the range is the MULTIVAC Standard Plus XL thermal transfer ribbon, which achieves a running length of up to 1,200 metres thanks to the reduced thickness of the carrier material. This means that the number of necessary roll changes is reduced, which in turn reduces downtime and increases the efficiency of the packaging line.

If however there are greater demands in terms of cycle output and printing accuracy, MULTIVAC is still able to offer the DP 2x0 direct web printers for all models of MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machines. Their modular concept ensures that the widest possible range of technical and commercial requirements are met perfectly.

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