Committed to countering the shortage of skilled workers – MULTIVAC honours the next generation of young talent


Hans Joachim Boekstegers Award 2022

Wolfertschwenden, 31/05/2022 – The shortage of skilled workers is one of the greatest challenges that German companies must overcome. That's why MULTIVAC is investing in training and further education. For this reason, the Hans Joachim Boekstegers Award was conferred once again in 2022 - this internal prize honours young talent who have demonstrated extraordinary achievements.

The shortage of skilled workers has hit mechanical engineering hard. This was indicated in the 2021 report published by the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry on the subject. According to this report, manufacturers of capital goods have experienced above-average difficulty in filling positions. MULTIVAC is mitigating this situation with increased investment in training and further education. The Hans Joachim Boekstegers Award, a prize for trainees and students in the commercial and technical fields, honours those who accomplish extraordinary achievements and is designed to motivate the skilled workers of tomorrow to do their best.

"Our goal is to honour the commitment and will to succeed of young employees, and thereby also firmly anchor this within the future staff of the company", explains Christian Traumann, Group President of MULTIVAC. “A company like MULTIVAC needs dedicated and responsible future professionals, who will strive to ensure that we continue to set the benchmark in the market with our groundbreaking packaging and processing solutions.”


Susanne Papp and Yannis Rück win in the Best Technical Future Professional category

The ceremony for the Hans Joachim Boekstegers Award 2022 took place on the 25th of May 2022 at the company headquarters in Wolfertschwenden. In the Best Technical Future Professional category, Susanne Papp was overjoyed to win first place and €1000 in prize money. The prize winner completed her training as a mechatronics engineer in the spring of 2022 at the Austrian production location in Lechaschau. In addition to her outstanding dedication, she also passed her Austrian school leaving examinations during the same period. The jury also recognized such commitment in Yannis Rück. He completed his training as an electronics technician for automation technology in the spring of 2022 at the Wolfertschwenden location and was very happy to receive the award for second place and €500 prize money in the Best Technical Future Professional category.

Valentin Bittner and Julian Rahmann win in the Best Commercial Future Professional category

In the Best Commercial Future Professional category, the recently-graduated IT officer Valentin Bittner (MULTIVAC Wolfertschwenden) won first place and €1000 in prize money. Julian Rahmann, who has successfully completed his training as an industrial manager at the FRITSCH subsidiary in Markt Einersheim, won second place. "We are proud of the tireless performance demonstrated by the trainees", says Guido Spix, Group President of MULTIVAC. "They are well equipped for a successful future in industries characterised by a fast pace of change and new technologies in the age of Industry 4.0." 


Nikolas Pekarek wins in the Best International Graduation Work category

Of the students who wrote their thesis at MULTIVAC between September 2020 and August 2021, the jury was most impressed by Nikolas Pekarek. The award winner has been working as a development engineer at MULTIVAC since 2015, and completed his master's in product development in mechanical and plant engineering alongside his professional work. As part of his thesis, he developed a competitive tool concept for packing food from the fresh produce and convenience food segments for the Tray and Pouch Packaging Business Unit. This impressed the jury, winning him the Best International Graduation Work award and €1000 in prize money. "To protect the environment and save resources, it is important that the packaging industry embraces the future with innovative machine concepts", emphasises Traumann. "Young talent such as Nikolas Pekarek provides new, important and highly-valuable input with a new way of thinking."


About Hans Joachim Boekstegers

Hans-Joachim Boekstegers started working at MULTIVAC on 1st April 2002 as the first group president who was not a family member. Boekstegers significantly advanced the successful development of the company right up until his retirement in January 2020. He developed an international corporate group with a global network of sales and service subsidiaries out of a medium-sized machine manufacturer. He was always an advocate for investing in training and further education and supported cooperative partnerships with universities. MULTIVAC acknowledges his commitment to promoting young talent with the Hans Joachim Boekstegers Award.

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