Line expertise 4.0 - Packaging in top form


MULTIVAC at ACHEMA (Hall 3.1, Stand C47)

Wolfertschwenden, 18 July 2022 - Ranging from the infeed of sensitive products right up to the end-of-line operation and covering the entire packaging process: MULTIVAC shows itself at ACHEMA 2022 to be a supplier of integrated solutions with accumulated expertise in complete lines and automation. The eye catchers among the exhibits are a conveyor belt labeller for wrap-around labelling of cylindrical containers, as well as a highly efficient line for producing and marking combi packs containing a syringe, filter and vial. An international partner in the form of the Swedish company Graniten is also represented for the first time on the exhibition stand, and their case erector ideally complements MULTIVAC's diverse product range in the end-of-line area.
Automation and digitalisation are the megatopics, which affect the industry today and in the future. Whereas previously it focused the attention of the exhibition visitors on individual packaging machines and concepts, MULTIVAC will be demonstrating on Stand C47 in Hall 3.1 its comprehensive expertise in complete line solutions covering all aspects of packaging.

High-output thermoforming packaging line for producing combi packs
The heart of the line is a RX 4.0 thermoforming packaging machine in GMP design - a powerful model in the innovative X-line generation, with which MULTIVAC is supporting the digitalisation of packaging processes and Industry 4.0/IoT solutions. Thanks to comprehensive sensor systems, state-of-the-art machine controls and networking with the MULTIVAC Cloud, the RX 4.0 elevates the packaging process for sensitive products in the medical and pharmaceutical industries to a new level - both in terms of output, machine availability and flexibility, as well as pack quality and process reliability. The RFID-coded X-tools are an additional guarantee of maximum performance. Thanks to their highly developed actuating system, they enable the die to be changed quickly and reliably during product changes.

In Frankfurt the visitors will see a RX 4.0 in GMP design, which is completely enclosed and laid out to produce combi packs containing a syringe, filter and vial. MULTIVAC's new H 800 SCARA robot, which is located at the machine infeed, loads the various products precisely into the pack cavities, and the integrated H 242 handling module converges the packs at the machine outfeed, so that they are perfectly aligned for downstream processes such as box packing. A high-performance and very reliable InteliJet HD digital printer from BELL-MARK is integrated into the RX 4.0 for printing the packs precisely and in compliance with legislation. The whole line not only sets a new benchmark in terms of process reliability and efficiency, it can also be controlled conveniently and intuitively by the packaging machine's HMI, which has been improved still further, particularly as regards user-friendliness.

Modular carrier system as the basis for the controlled transportation, loading and buffering of syringes
MULTIVAC is also showing a modular carrier system with integrated H 242 handling module for loading syringes into combi packs. A high-performance vision system will be used on the carrier system. This ensures that, even at high throughput, all the packs are inspected for completeness, and it also checks whether the individual products are loaded correctly into the pack cavities.

Wrap-around labelling of cylindrical containers
Among the other exhibits is a L 320 conveyor belt labeller. It was specially developed for rapid and precise labelling of round or oval bottles, pots, or glass jars. Since the labeller is constructed of standard modular elements, the L 320 can be perfectly designed for the requirements of the particular sector. In addition to this, the conveyor belt labeller can easily be upgraded with additional components, such as the MRT 100 rotating table, so that the products can be brought directly to the labelling process, or buffered if required.
The model is also very versatile when it comes to label positioning. Labels can be positioned on all sides, as well as over the pack edges or as wrap-around labels. The application of sealing labels is also possible. Thanks to a minimum of format parts, which can be changed very quickly, the L 320 can be converted to different products within a short period of time. The rapid change of label rolls, together with the use of low-maintenance components, also contribute to the labeller's high level of availability.

Flexible packaging modules
Graniten will be showing a case erector, which forms part of a flexible line system. The unit can be combined with a Graniten case packer/palletiser, or alternatively it can be operated as a stand-alone system. This module is part of the Graniten Flexline, the next generation of end-of-line equipment, which opens up a new niche, where flexibility and "close-to-zero" (C2Z) conversion times are of critical importance.


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