Suppliers - our stabile network of partners

Ensuring quality along the value chain

Our purchasing principles

Customer satisfaction

The goals in purchasing are geared toward the desires, requirements and the satisfaction of our customers. In the fulfillment and implementation, we work with all participants interdepartmentally and in partnership, in order to ensure the best combination of quality, function, delivery times and costs. The achievement of our quality goals is an essential prerequisite.

Supplier development

For direct and indirect materials, we need productive and innovative suppliers with whom we can work openly, fairly and in the long term.

Responsibility for quality

We are responsible for quality in the purchasing of material, parts, non-cash benefits and services and pursue the zero-defect objective. In this process, we apply standardised and transparent measurements.

Fairness and transparence

We make all purchasing decisions using objective and verifiable criteria. The goal of this is a win-win situation for all participants. In the selection suppliers and service providers, the realisation of objectives, and the evaluation of supplier services, we take into account qualitative, price-related and logistical perspectives. Our procedures are uniform and we work transparently.

Environmental awareness

Environmental issues are very important to us. For this reason, we pay close attention to recycling, disposal, packaging and transport when selecting materials.


We ensure our competitiveness through an internationally oriented, systematic purchasing market cultivation and global supplier strategy.

Process orientation

We work toward the constant improvement of our core processes and structures within the supply chain. In this way, we ensure short throughput times and high cost-efficiency. We also expect this from our suppliers. In this area, we will gladly work with all participants to develop process improvements and innovations.

Employee development

To reach our purchasing objectives, we specifically develop employees in the areas of entrepreneurial thinking, social, leadership and methodological competence, and intercultural skills.

Becoming a supplier

The procedures for purchasing direct and indirect materials are supported by an internet-based procurement system. This system allows us to handle the entire procedure more effectively and thus reduce processing times in the long term. This results in the following benefits for you as our (future) partner:

Process optimisation

You receive the order data in a clear form defined in advance by your catalogue. After approval, the data can also be directly imported into the merchandise management system.

Experience with e-procurement

By working with the Onventis Ordering System, you gain experience with the system and thus lay the groundwork for connections with future clients.

MULTIVAC is always interested in getting to know new suppliers in order to mutually develop our products for the benefit of our customers. Please register online. You will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to proceed.