MULTIVAC Resale & Service

MULTIVAC Resale & Service, based in Nettetal, is the MULTIVAC Group's service centre for second-hand machines, overhauls and conversions in the European market. This company, which was previously known as Christoph Grundmann GmbH, has more than 25 years of experience and has belonged to the MULTIVAC Group since 2005. 

Our expertise is in the area of overhauls, conversions and upgrades of thermoforming packaging machines, traysealers, chamber machines and their components. With in-house production and our know-how, we guarantee high quality and flexibility, as well as minimum delivery times. We use exclusively original MULTIVAC spare parts which, like our machines, are continually optimised and developed. 

MULTIVAC Resale & Service currently employs about 60 workers.

Our excellence center MULTIVAC Resale & Service is the division of MULTIVAC that takes back machines and completely refurbishes them with original MULTIVAC parts. 

The overhauling of the machines is performed either accordingly to the specifications of the new owner or according to the latest standards, always applying state-of-the art technology. You can feel certain that all work is carried out by highly qualified technicians. When overhauling the machines, we only apply OEM parts, this way ensuring a maximum lifetime of the equipment. 

In addition to OEM machine overhauls, MULTIVAC Resale & Service also offers OEM refurbished lifting and cutting systems as exchange units. Also new formats are being produced and revision of formats and the revision of heating and sealing plates is possible at MULTIVAC Resale & Service.

MULTIVAC Resale & Service GmbH
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